Monday, 1 August 2011

nwmonitor becomes Northwest Indiana Monitor.

Hi folks,

Kept it a little quiet on the blog but some of my twitter friends know, but I've recently made a move overseas, in fact to the US.

I'/m currently based out of Northwest Indiana - I picked this so I wouldn't have to change the name of my blog ;)

So far, radio wise, there's lots of public safety to listen to, which as a Britisher is a very welcome thing, since our government deems us not trustworthy enough to handle being able to listen to the Police.

My feet have barely touched the ground yet, but once I get the radios fully up and running (I am missing a big 12v power supply, so I'm limited to running one radio and once, and the only antenna I have up is an nwmonitor  Industries portable sloper for VHF (I will post pics)), I will do some proper band scans and check out UHF air.  My home brew satcom antenna made the trip with me (god knows how!) but the mounting bracket had to stay at home, so a trip to Home Depot is on the cards at some point.

So, the list of things I need from either RadioShack or a ham radio dealer are:
20 amp PSU (preferably linear but I will make do with a switch mode)
coax, probably satellite coax to start with, but when I get my ham licence I will upgrade it to something morebetter (yeah, that's a word)

Some kind of temporary mast to hoist these up.

I think that's it for now, folks.  It's bloody hot here in the Midwest.  It's around 0730CST and the temperature is already 25C/76F, with a heat index (how the temp feels) of 27C/81F.


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