Monday, 20 June 2011

AAIB publishes report into PSNI helicopter crash, G-SEWP.

A report into the cause of a helicopter crash on the Mourne Mountains found that the pilot's recent family bereavement was probably "the most significant contributory factor".
It happened close to the scene of a fatal accident five days earlier.
The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report said the "task to be carried out on the day was within the capabilities of the pilot".
In this bloggist's view this was just an accident - I don't think it could have been prevented, and everyone involved seems to have taken the same view.  The pilot admitted later that his family bereavement could have caused him to lose concentration.  The AAIB said the pilot did what he should've done in trying to recover from the situation.

Reading the full AAIB report (rather than relying on the BBC) is a good idea in any crash or air incident.  The link to G-SEWP's crash is here:

Personally I find it encouraging that no-one has had the Big Finger of Blame pointed at them and everyone realised this was simply an accident - I admit everyone was lucky to get out alive though - had anyone been in the left hand seat up front, the accident may have been a fatal one.


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