VHF / UHF Antennas

NWM is currently making, in the UK, not in China in some sweatshop, portable VHF/UHF scanning antennas.

They're designed for low profile portable scanning and are very covert.  There are two versions, one encased in PVC pipe is designed for short term mast mounting, and the other is designed to be strung up in a tree, hotel window, balcony etc.

All are DC grounded and decoupled from the feedline with ferrite chokes.

At a pinch you can transmit up to 5W FM into them without damage to the antenna or radio.

Antennas will come factory (!) tuned to your spot frequency or designed to offer wideband (ish) receive.   I won't claim wild gain or DC to light specifications like some sellers - they are single band designs but will work at their 2nd harmonic.  A VHF air antenna will give good results at UHF air and will out perform a set-top antenna every time.

Pics to follow soon!

Prices are £25 including postage to the UK for the portable 'roll up' antenna, and £35 for the mast-mountable.