Friday, 6 May 2011

UK Wildfires

The north west of England finally got some rain last night, but the fire crews are still out and about fighting wild fires - sadly most of them set deliberately.

Image courtesy BBC.

People who commit arson, especially in the wild should face harsh punishment.

Anyway - radio wise, the comms from the tenders back to control are done on Airwave or "firelink" as the Fire and Rescue Services call it, however the fireground channels are still analogue, and hopefully will be for some time.  This isn't just for us monitors, but it has been shown in other countries that digital does not work well for fireground comms.

Set up a search from 457.000 to 458.000 in 12.5kHz steps and you will find their channels.  A hint:
457.0375 is Channel 1.

Most tenders have the ability to set up a repeater channel using Ch2, and some big places like shopping malls (the Trafford Centre is one) have a fire repeater in the building.

Google will also probably give you a channel listing if you don't want to search.

And remember:  PLEASE spare a thought for these guys, a lot of whom are retained fire fighters which means they are basically volunteers.  They're risking their lives on a daily basis for us, and usually thanks to idiots who get a kick out of starting fires.

There are so many charities begging for our money lately, but if you feel like it, please give a little:

and while you're at it, no less deserving are the volunteers of the RNLI:

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