Thursday, 5 May 2011

Kenwood Trio R2000 SDR / software defined radio, Part II

Judging by my page stats, one of the most popular posts is my entry on converting my Kenwood R2000 into the front end for a software defined radio (or SDR).

If this proves to be popular I will take pictures of my very badly done IF-tap as well as the BNC socket mounting point.

I am by no means an electronics expert, but 10-15 minutes pouring over the service manual and you will find the tap point I used.

An update to this will be a 1:1 buffer amplifier to take some of the strain off the R2000.  The Z10000 amplifier seems good, or if I felt so inclined I'd make my own.

So, do you folks want a proper write up with pics of my Kenwood R2000 SDR / software defined radio conversion and IF tap?

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