Friday, 23 March 2007

Scanning // Uniden BCT-15

New addition to the NW Monitor Shack:
Uniden BCT-15.

2500 channels, dynamically allocated. Trunktracking (not MPT1327). Daft scan speeds. Close call. 10 search banks and a ton of other features.

A google search will bear fruit if you want more info.

Sadly I'm having to use Butel to program the scanner, due to lack of better alternatives. Still looking for some logging/control software, and so far I've found one which does a fairly decent job:

It's mainly for searching and logging TGID's on trunked networks, but it also has a nice conventional logging facility. Shame it doesn't log CTCSS/DCS tones.

I may end up creating my own software, if I can ever learn how to program!

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