Tuesday, 3 May 2011

US Navy Boeing E-6B Mercury TACAMO UK Update

The US Navy Boeing E-6B [or is it an E-6A?  I have been calling it a B all week] TACAMO that has been circling the UK for the past week or so has finally had something to do!

"FMCNL" in the Nederlands intercepted callsign DARK SKY working ARBY 01 and ARBY 02 (B2 Stealths) with coded messages on 4MHz.

The B2's call up using SKYMASTER (or SKY MASTER) before the E-6 comes back with its tactical callsign (WIRE ROPE has also been noted in use).  Seems to be a 20 minute 'ops normal' check.

IRON 18 [GOTO FMS] is the front end callsign of the E-6 and he is currently on his second trip around the UK (2253Z) as evident by looking at FlightRadar24.com

ANDREWS HFGCS station has also been very busy transmitting 32 character PU**** EAMs all night, with one EAM repeated at least five times - as well as a SKYKING SKYKING DO NOT ANSWER message.

All mysterious stuff.

Seal of the US Navy (used here non-commercially).

This blog post complies with OPSEC and no-one was harmed during the making of it.

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