Sunday, 8 May 2011

Civil disobedience...

Apparently there is a fuel protest today at the Stanlow refinery.  Some selfish people think that by blockading the refinery the oil companies will magically lower prices at the pump.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a government is always right, kind of person, but people like this have to be realistic.  Blockading the refineries will do nothing.

Anyway, political ranting aside, you can bet your bottom dollar (pound?) that the protesters are quite organised.  If you're in the vicinity, use your Close Call scanners to see what comms they're using.  My bet would be off the shelf PMR-446 handhelds, or failing that UK Gen (V/UHF).  They may even be using illegal handhelds bought off eBay or similar, so like I said, Close Call comes in very handy.

Same goes for any other protests - student, political, you name it.  They will be well organised - these things generally don't just start up from nowhere.  So get your scanners out (safely) and listen in.  I find a pair of stereo ear-buds work well - everyone wears them.

Be careful out there.

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