Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Busy 6MHz

While waiting for some interesting traffic on 6761 I decided to take a screenshot of the band from around 6702 to 6798.  This is on my R2000 and SDR combination, using it as a panadaptor.

As you ccan see 6761 is squeezed in between a strong RATT/RTTY station and some STANAG4285, also quite strong.

I hadn't, at this point, applied any skew calibration, so you can see 'ghosts' of the stronger signals on the "lower" side of the band. (see the strong RTTY signal, and on the opposite side of 0Hz you can see a faint image of it.

Also, ignore the date too!  I have to set my computer clock to March in order to get WRPlus to run.

Annnnd... we have QUID ## calling RAMA 71 on 6761 at 2255. 

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