Wednesday, 27 April 2011

For sale... Antennas!

Currently making (here in the UK, not in some sweatshop in China) antennas for various bands.  They are DC grounded, fairly wideband (tens of MHz rather than hundreds) and come supplied in a sealed UV stabilised PVC or ABS tube (depending on band).

They are receive only, and come ready de-coupled from the feedline.  Supplied with your choice of connector for running a length of coax from - SO239 (yuck), BNC, or N (the best).

Prices start at a measly £30 including shipping (UK only) - that is for a UHF milair antenna with an SO-239.  Please get in touch for 'N socket' prices and other bands.

I also make a portable version which collapses into itself - collapsed size is around 10 centimetres.  This is supplied with your choice of coaxial feed socket or a length of RG-58 coax (with your choice of plug to fit radio).  A truly portable solution.

Antennas are made to order, so let me know your needs.

As a special offer I can also do a wideband 'DC to Light' active antenna with built in pre-amp and weather sealed construction.  Price on application.

Paypal or personal cheque are acceptable as is bank transfer.

nwmonitor AT gmail

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