Friday, 18 February 2011

SICRAL - Italian Military Satellite

Audible tonight around 2200Z was station 'IGLO' working 'ANOV' on the SATCOM downlink frequency:

IGLO is the Italian Navy Submarine Lombardo.  ANOV appears to be their operations base.

Comms were captured using the venerable Icom PCR-1000, my homebrew 3-ele Yagi and a 20dB LNA.

Audio can be found here:

The recording starts off with some encrypted speech, followed by some English comms then switches to Italian.  I put out a request on the UDXF mailing list on Yahoo for Italian speakers to help me translate it.  I was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised with the response.

Andy from Milan sent me this:
- ANOV this is IGLO
- (covered)
- this is ANOV
- de LO: loud and clear break service in PSK ricevo il tuo segnale molto forte ma batte HB1 over /
I receive your signal strongly but it's "beating" (could mean "overwhelms" or else it might refers to some het effect ) HB1 over
- de OV: ho copiato che avete problemi di ricezione su satcom/
I understand (copied) that you're experiencing reception problems on satcom
- de LO: roger, il tuo segnale lo ricevo forte ma รจ sempre caotico, caotico domando se avete ricevuto la sezione 1 del FIR/
roger, your signal is strong here, but it's too caotic, caotic. I ask if you have received section "1" of FIR (cannot say if FIR is an Italian of English acronym, could be Fllght Information Report?)
- ANOV this is IGLO ho copiato solo la tua portante, say again/
I've copied your [RF] carrier, say again
- LO de OV appoggiate vostro traffico su CL over/route your traffic over CL (again, no idea of what CL means)
- de LO roger passo su CL over/I'm moving on to CL over

Very interesting stuff!

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